With summer over and children back in school, you may have noticed more busses on the road and more children on the sidewalks each morning.

Leading up to September it seemed like there were reminders everywhere for drivers to exercise caution on the road. But while the back-to-school safety blitz is an excellent reminder that it is the responsibility of both motorists and pedestrians alike to keep London’s streets safe, they shouldn’t become back-of-mind thoughts as the school year wages on.

With the first month of school coming to an endnow in full swing, we wanted to remind motorists and parents of the school zone road rules that keep children safe. To do this, we compiled a list of some important driving tips to keep in mind all school year long.

1. Stop for school busses

Getting stuck in traffic during your daily commute can be frustrating, but when a school bus is stopped and has its lights flashing you need to stop too. Stopping for school busses allows children to safely enter and exit the vehicle. While stopped, be sure that you are alert and aware of your surroundings, and watch for children who may be crossing the street. Fines for failing to stop for a stopped school bus can range from $400 to0 $2000 and earn you six demerit points.

2. Do not pass vehicles in a school zone

When motorists pass other vehicles in school zones, they often exceed the posted speed limit of that zone. Going above the posted speed limit lowers the reaction time of the driver and leads to an increased risk of collision. Due to this, passing in a school zone is prohibited.

3. Adhere to “no parking” zones

In many school zones there are “no parking” signs posted in order to ensure a free flow of traffic. When motorists disregard these signs and park in “no parking” areas, traffic jams can form and frustration and dangerous driving could ensue. For the safety of all children, motorists should obey all signage and find available parking in designated spots.

4. Obey the crossing guards

Crossing guards have an extremely important job within our community – getting children to school safely. It is important for motorist to help crossing jobs guards fulfill this responsibility. To do this, motorists must adhere to the directions of the crossing guards and ensure that both the crossing guard and the children have completely crossed the street before proceeding to drive.

5. Teach your children about traffic safety

When it comes to preventing accidents and injuries, education plays an important role. Teaching your children about the rules of the road, the importance of crossing guards, and how to exercise caution as a pedestrian, can help prevent traffic-related accidents.

When it comes to traffic-related collisions and injuries, most situations can be avoided. Be sure that you are exercising caution as a motorist and teaching your children to be alert when walking next to and across roadways.

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October 16, 2019

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