With August coming to an end and a new school year quickly approaching, back-to-school safety should be top of mind. As your children head back to school, it’s important to understand the hazards they may encounter on a daily basis, and talk to them about those potential hazards. Areas that should be of primary focus include bike, traffic and school bus safety. To help start the conversation with your children about staying safe this back-to-school season, we’ve compiled this helpful list of safety tips.

Bike Safety

Biking is more than just a fun summer activity, it’s also a popular form of transportation, especially for children looking for a quick way to get to school. Unfortunately, biking accidents and collisions occur each year on our city streets, sidewalks and bike paths. Some rules to consider to keep your children safe while biking theyinclude the following:

  • Wear the right clothing and safety gear at all times, including a helmet
  • Always look and signal before changing direction or approaching an intersection
  • Obey all traffic laws and lights
  • Walk your bike across intersections and crosswalks
  • Don’t get distracted by music or mobile devices
  • Are always aware of their surroundings

Both cyclists and motorists are responsible for keeping our roads safe. If you encounter a cyclist while driving, remember to:

  • Remain patient – If the lane is too narrow, or there is traffic coming in the other direction, do not pass the cyclist unless required minimum distance from the cyclist is possible
  • Reduce to a safe speed

Traffic Safety

Traffic safety is an important topic of discussion during the back-to-school season. Many children walk to and from school each day, and will encounter areas of heavy traffic and busy intersections. Even if you’ve talked to your children about traffic safety before, it’s important to go over safety tips with them each year, to keep the information fresh. This is especially important if your child has graduated to a new school, or if you have recently moved. When having a conversation about traffic safety, remember to mention tips such as these:

  • Look both ways before crossing the street
  • Make eye contact with drivers before crossing
  • Be alert – don’t become distracted by music or mobile devices
  • Only cross at designated crosswalks
  • When walking on a sidewalk, walk facing on-coming traffic so you can see vehicles approaching

Bus Safety

If your children ride a school bus to and from school, it’s important to ensure they know how to stay safe when boarding, riding and exiting the bus each day. Use these tips to discuss school bus safety with your children:

When Boarding:

  • Get to your stop early – never run to catch up to a bus
  • Wait at a safe distance from the road
  • If you cross the street to board the bus, wait for the bus to come to a complete stop and for the stop sign and lights to come on. Also make eye contact with the driver and ensure no cars are coming before crossing the road
  • Be alert at all times

While Riding:

  • Remain seated and facing the front at all times
  • Keep the aisles of the bus clear
  • Do not block the emergency exits
  • Keep head, hands and arms inside the bus at all times
  • Do not throw objects inside or outside of the bus
  • Talk quietly and behave appropriately so the busd driver can focus on the road
  • Always follow the bus driver’s instructions
  • Refrain from eating while on the bus

When Exiting:

  • Remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop
  • Hold the handrail when exiting the bus
  • If crossing the road upon exit, walk out in front of the bus and wait for the bus driver to give you the signal to cross

When Injuries Happen

Identifying safety risks with your children, and teaching them about the proper safety precautions to avoid those risks, is an important step in decreasing their chances of becoming injured. But even when all precautions are taken, injuries can still occur. If your child becomes injured in an accident that was caused by the negligence of another person or party, they may be entitled to compensation. Our experienced lawyers at Harrison Pensa can walk you through the legal process, help build your case and work to get your family the compensation they deserve. Contact us for a free consultation and get started today.

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