Dangerous Roads FAQ

I wrecked my car on a road that was filled with huge potholes. Am I eligible to file a personal injury claim for compensation for my injuries?

Yes, you may be eligible to file for compensation through a personal injury lawsuit if your accident was caused because a road was not properly maintained.

What should I do if I have an accident caused by a dangerous roadway?

First, you should get medical attention and notify the proper authorities and your automobile insurer to report the accident. If possible, and if it can be done safely, take pictures of the area of the road in which you had the accident. These pictures should show the area of danger, such as a pothole, or crumbling pavement, or the snow or ice that you believe caused the accident.

How long do I have to file a claim because of an accident and/or injury caused by a dangerous road situation?

If an accident and/or injury was caused by a slippery road or a road that was not maintained properly the injured party must give written notice to the road authority within 10 days of the accident and may be required to start a lawsuit within two years of the accident.

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"My wife was involved in a very serious motor vehicle collision several years ago, and luckily she survived, but unfortunately"
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January 8, 2016

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