Impaired Drivers FAQ

Am I eligible for a personal injury benefits if I was injured in an accident caused by an impaired driver?

Yes, if you were injured in an accident because another person was drunk on alcohol or high on drugs you are eligible for personal injury benefits.

Is the owner of the bar that served the driver at fault in the accident?

Yes, in some cases a bar employee can be held responsible for the intoxicated person’s actions. Those who serve alcohol have a responsibility to monitor the amount of alcohol served and the condition of those they serve to prevent over-service of alcohol. They must not serve alcohol to a patron past the point of intoxication and they have a responsibility to refuse to continue to serve a patron if they know that person is going to drive and can see that they are not fit to do so. Those that serve a patron alcohol beyond the point of intoxication may be responsible for that intoxicated person’s safety after leaving the bar and they can be responsible for injuries to other people caused by the intoxicated person after leaving the bar.

How long do I have to file a lawsuit against an impaired driver?

You may have up to two years after the date of the collision to file a personal injury lawsuit in any type of motor vehicle accident.

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