Product Liability FAQ

My child was injured when he played with a toy that turned out to be defective. Can I file a personal injury lawsuit to help cover the costs of his medical expenses?

Yes, if a loved one was injured or killed by a defective produce you may be eligible for compensation for medical bills through a personal injury lawsuit.

What types of product liability cases qualify for a personal injury lawsuit?

Injuries caused by any type of defective product can be eligible for compensation through a product liability lawsuit. These defective products can include dangerous or poisonous foods, toxic or unsafe building materials, and unsafe toys, household appliances or products intended for children. Those injured by defective automobiles, air bags, or car parts; defective safety equipment; defective machinery or defective recreational vehicles should also talk to a lawyer about compensation for their injuries.

Under what instances is a product considered defective?

A product is considered defective if it has insufficient warnings or instructions to keep the user from getting hurt or if it has a dangerous or defective design. Faulty parts or machinery as well as improper construction or mechanical defects can also cause a product to be considered defective.

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October 16, 2019

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