Paul Scott


If you’re reading this then you, or someone you love already needs help. Injuries happen many ways: car accidents, drunk drivers, falls, snowmobiles, boats, assaults, medical malpractice. There’s hurt and then there’s help. That’s what I do. Help.

You have questions. Lots of them. I can answer them. It took me a long time to get to this point in my life where I can answer your questions really well. I belong to the Law Society of Upper Canada, Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, Middlesex Law Association, Ontario Bar Association and the Ontario Brain Injury Association, among others.

Let me briefly give you a sense of who I am. How I behave. How I think. You already know what I look like.

I am not a shark, a killer or a pit bull, with my clients.

All people should be treated with respect and dignity. It doesn’t cost us anything.

I work with a team because it makes us more effective. But I am your lawyer. Your advocate.

At some point in the process I will make you cry. Sorry. I will try my hardest to make you laugh far more.

You will need to know what’s possible, the law and what I can do to help. The law doesn’t always help us. That’s life. We won’t dwell on it.

So how does this whole thing work? We develop a relationship in a way you can’t imagine right now. It can be a long trip so buckle up. At times it’s difficult. There will be things I have to tell you and you’d rather not hear them. It is my job and my duty to tell you. And it is your right to be told, to know. The positives and the negatives. You are plenty smart enough to understand everything that happens. I can and will hold your hand and explain absolutely everything to you. Or not hold your hand. We help either way.

I can’t help you with your Will or your real estate closing. If I tried we’d both need a lawyer.

I can help you if you’re scared, lost or in pain. You just need a little free advice right now. Call me and I’ll answer your questions. No strings attached.

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