Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

If you’re an innocent pedestrian trying to cross the street, even the slightest impact from a vehicle or cyclist can prevent you from pursuing regular activities with ease. Injuries such as broken bones, bruising, fractures, and facial scars can be difficult to deal with, but with assistance from a specialized Ontario Pedestrian Accident Lawyer, you can get the benefits you deserve.

HARRISON PENSA™ is an expert in handling pedestrian accidents. The firm has convenient locations in London and Toronto, and represents clients throughout the surrounding areas and Southwestern Ontario. Many years of personal injury legal expertise helps us to provide pedestrian accident victims with personalized service and compassionate support.

Our firm will work nonstop with you throughout your case to get the maximum allowable statutory benefits for your pedestrian-related injury claim. The sooner you seek legal counsel, the sooner you can put this harrowing incident behind you.

Pedestrian, Bicycle and Crosswalk Injuries

Pedestrians who have been wounded by an automobile are entitled to the same compensations as any vehicle passenger. In many cases where a pedestrian or bicyclist is struck the driver may flee the scene of the collision. In these cases, there may still be a claim for accident benefits and a claim for unidentified driver insurance coverage. However, where there is an unidentified driver, there may be no witnesses and proof of the existence of an unidentified driver may be difficult. Early consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer will permit an early investigation before evidence on the surface of the road and other physical evidence or surveillance camera evidence is lost. HARRISON PENSA™ will stand up for your rights by:

  • Notating the entire accident, including where you were biking, standing, walking, or running;
  • Examining liabilities and Canadian Law as it applies to your case;
  • Subpoenaing video, testimonies, and appropriate police reports;
  • Hiring accident reconstruction engineers and investigators to preserve accident scene evidence and to prove the cause of the collision.

If you had a pre-existing injury or disability, the outcome of your case relies on expert litigation, especially since a common defense in pedestrian accidents is pre-existing medical conditions. HARRISON PENSA™ will inspect your work history, education, gather insurance information, and file applications in the timeliest manner possible.

Time is of the essence in filing proceedings and motions, so the firm will work diligently to ensure that you receive the benefits and compensation you are entitled to.

Pedestrian accidents are just as important to our firm as any other accident case we undertake. As soon as you’ve filed police and accident reports it’s imperative you contact a compassionate attorney that can help leverage Canadian pedestrian laws to your benefit. As we offer free consultation, and no fees until we collect, you have nothing to lose simply by discussing your matter with us. Use the internet, phone, or visit us in person – we’ll approach your case with the same diligence, compassion, and experience any other client would receive.

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