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Mr. N’s Story

Two Vehicle accident at a busy intersection

Mr. N. was having trouble with his back, and eventually underwent serious surgery. He subsequently received one year short term disability and was about to start receiving long term disability (“LTD”) benefits to continue to support him and his family during his recovery. However, he wanted to attempt to return to his labour intensive job but found that he was simply physically incapable of performing the tasks necessary to complete his work. It became readily apparent that the injury was too serious, and that, despite the surgery and rehabilitation, Mr. N. was permanently disabled and he was forced to stop working and so his insurance company started to provide him with his LTD benefits.

The insurance company, however, refused to accept the significance of how the injury had impacted Mr. N. and his family. The insurance company discontinued his LTD payments, which in turn led his employer to cut off his health benefits and pension, as these were dependent on him meeting the disability test for the LTD benefits. The insurance company justified its decision to terminate these benefits on inadequate vocational and medical assessments and it ignored opinions from Mr. N.’s treatment providers.

That’s when Mr. N and his wife turned to Harrison Pensa, where they met Sean Mackintosh, a Partner specializing in personal injury and medical malpractice. Sean instantly became sympathetic to their cause and invested himself completely in the case. He took the time to carefully explain all of the issues, and found the best possible medical and vocational assessors to support their cause.

Thanks to Sean’s relentlessness, the insurance company ended up accepting that Mr. N. was, in fact, disabled and thus unable to return to work. All of his benefits were then paid retroactively in full and reinstated.

Although Mr. N. will never recover from his back problems, Harrison Pensa ensured that he and his family will continue to receive all the financial assistance to which they are rightfully entitled.

A word from our clients

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During the time that it took to resolve my case, David Williams and Donna Tarr remained true to their commitment to me.
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October 16, 2019

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