With Thanksgiving weekend just around the corner, you’ve probably started finalizing your holiday plans. This often includes making travel arrangements.

For many people, driving to visit family and relatives is a common part of Thanksgiving. In a lot of instances, family gatherings are hosted at someone else’s house across town or in a different city. Because so many people find themselves in this situation each year, the roads tend to get much busier over the holiday weekend. So whether you have a short or long drive ahead of you this Thanksgiving, our team at Harrison Pensa wishes to remind you of four important safe driving tips for you to keep in mind this weekend.

1. Plan Ahead

If you know you will be driving a lot this Thanksgiving weekend, be sure that you have topped up all of the fluid’s in your vehicle – windshield washer fluid, motor oil, brake fluid, etc. – and have your tire pressure checked. Doing an inspection of your vehicle and making sure that everything is topped up and in working order will help ensure you have a safe, smooth trip.

2. Leave Early

Setting times and sticking to them can be challenging. With so much going on, especially during a holiday, it’s best to give yourself plenty of time to get ready, pack the car up and get on the road. When you are running behind, emotions and stress often run high and getting behind the wheel when these factors are at play can increase your risk of speeding and being involved in a collision. Giving yourself enough time to get to your destination can help you have a calm, stress-free drive and earn you points with your family for not walking in just as dinner is being served.

3. Eliminate Distractions

Thanksgiving can be a stressful time. From preparing and packing your part of the potluck dinner to making sure you and your family arrive on time, there’s a lot going on. But don’t let these factors distract you while you are driving. If you are bringing food, be sure it is tucked away in a secure place before pulling out of the driveway and always put your mobile devices away. Clearing distractions before you start driving can help ensure you are focused and aware of your surroundings.

4. Don’t Drink and Drive

If you know that alcohol will be consumed during your Thanksgiving festivities, make sure you’ve made arrangements for getting home safely and never drink and drive. Establishing a designated driver, or arranging to stay over at the host’s house for the night, are two great ideas if you’re planning to consume any alcohol this weekend.

5. Teach your children about traffic safety

When it comes to preventing accidents and injuries, education plays an important role. Teaching your children about the rules of the road, the importance of crossing guards, and how to exercise caution as a pedestrian, can help prevent traffic-related accidents.

When it comes to traffic-related collisions and injuries, most situations can be avoided. Be sure that you are exercising caution as a motorist and teaching your children to be alert when walking next to and across roadways.

For more information on driving-related collisions and injuries, or to consult with one of our personal injury lawyers today, please contact our office by phone at 1-855-744-9228, by email at personalinjurygroup@harrisonpensa.com or visit our website.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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