For a lot of Canadian families, organized sport is a welcome part of the weekly – or even daily – routine. Registering your children in sports has many benefits. It allows them to stay healthy and active, and teaches them to socialize and work as part of a team.

There is the possibility of a Volenti non fit injuria defence available to defendants sued which is a Latin phrase that simply means no wrong is done to a person who consents to being injured. This defence is not often successful in preventing lawsuits from succeeding. Nevertheless, there are some normal, foreseeable risks of injury in sport and generally it is unlikely that any liability would be found in those circumstances. For example, a golfer may be found to have assumed the risk of being injured by a careful golfer’s ball and may not succeed in a lawsuit. However, there are some risks associated with organized sport that are avoidable and may be caused by negligent acts or equipment failure which may lead to a finding of liability.

Also, participation in some sports may require the participant or their legal guardian to sign a waiver of liability which may prevent the participant from suing for compensation resulting from injuries sustained while participating. However, the ability of the waiver to prevent a lawsuit will depend on the language of the waiver in the particular circumstances of the case.

Whether it’s a sprained ankle or a serious concussion, the risk of injury exists in the world of organized sport, and parents need to know their options in the unfortunate event that their loved ones experience a sports-related injury.

Common Sports-Related Injuries
Sport-related injuries can present themselves in a number of different forms including the following:

  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Fractures
  • Broken bones
  • Swollen and(or) pulled muscles
  • Dislocations
  • Knee injuries
  • Concussion
  • Head trauma
  • Spinal cord injuries

What Next?
When injuries occur as a result of organized sport, most people end up making a trip to the hospital, or making an appointment with their family doctor for diagnosis and treatment. This is absolutely the right thing to do if you or a loved one becomes injured playing an organized sport. But what some families are not aware of is when the impact of a sport-related injury may need to be addressed by legal professionals.

Sports-related injuries may be straining for both the victim and their families. They can require intense treatment and often a lengthy recovery time, all things that take a toll on both the physical and psychological well-being of an individual not to mention financial and other impacts that may result.

If your loved one is injured due to the negligence of someone else – whether it be another person, an organization or multiple parties – you may be entitled to compensation. To understand what your options are to pursue legal action regarding a sports-related injury caused by negligence and to get the compensation you deserve, contact a personal injury lawyer to get the information you need and to address your concerns in a timely manner.

Our compassionate and experienced lawyers at Harrison Pensa understand that recovering from any injury is difficult. We can guide you through the claim process and build your case, so you can focus your time and energy on what really matters – helping your loved one recover.

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