February 20, 2019

Foremost, Mr. Rady is a wonderful and caring Lawyer. He will go above and beyond to ensure that you understand your matter and the process going forward. In fact, Mr. Rady met with my wife and I as he made himself available on short notice for a time required by us due to our own work circumstances. Not only did Mr. Rady meet with us during the required time, but he stayed past our expected time to ensure we understood the process and our options available to us. We’re pretty sure he was the last to leave the building that day which we believe reflects his utmost commitment to his clientele. I’ve met with many lawyers over the years and Mr. Rady stands out among the best of them. Mr. Rady is very disciplined from his experiences and has a very comprehensive understanding of the law and the court process. Our experience with Mr. Rady is that he truly cares for his clients and is not just out to make money. Thank you Mr. Rady for your excellent services and practical approach to ensure my wife and I had a clear understanding. Mr. Rady in our opinion is truly a valuable asset to Harrison Pensa Personal Injury Group. We highly recommend Mr. Rady’s services to anyone looking for professional, knowledgeable and empathetic lawyer assistance.

–Mr. C

February 20, 2019

Andy Rady is an excellent lawyer who is also a talented, caring, compassionate person. He listens carefully and treats clients with respect. He responds to inquiries promptly and has the ability to navigate difficult questions with thoughtfulness and empathy. Andy Rady is not afraid to have courageous conversations with clients and for me, he explained everything about my case and what it entailed in detail. He covered all aspects of my case and guided me regarding how to make decisions which affected my case. Andy Rady puts his clients first and he was always willing to meet with me or give me a call back in an extremely timely manner. He patiently informed me of all of my options as my case progressed and during period of doubt when I was second guessing my decisions. I felt supported by my lawyer. This for me was incredibly important. Andy Rady exhibits a wide knowledge of the law and I felt that his representation on my behalf reflected his very comprehensive understanding of his field of expertise. I do not hesitate in any manner to highly recommend Andy Rady. He is a professional who combines a desire to fight for his clients and yet exhibits a degree of caring and empathy which is rarely seen. I cannot thank him enough.

March 21, 2017

"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know of my experience with Mr.Sean Mackintosh and his Team (Kristine Huston). Far too often, people are eager to write letters or make a phone call to complain but I wanted to take the time to write and let you know that I am extremely pleased with the performance, support, professionalism and determination of Mr.Sean Mackintosh . Throughout my case, he was always very quick to respond, made himself always available and always patient in explaining the status/developments of my case. Upon settlement of my case, I felt that it was a fair settlement amount and that Mr.Macintosh did everything in his power to ensure this process had truly been as smooth and comfortable as possible. Every step along the way, I was kept informed of the progress between HarrisonPensa and the defendants representative at all times….I could not have asked for more! I thank and commend Mr.Sean Mackintosh and his great Team for truly being there for me!!"

– Grace H

April 12, 2016

"My husband was having back problems which eventually resulted in him having to have surgery. After this he received one year short term disability and one year long term disability. Once this finished he attempted to return to work. It became obvious very quickly that the surgery did not help and now my husband was permanently disabled and unable to work. The insurance company did not accept the significance of how my husband's injuries had impacted his daily life and the families lives as well. The insurance company then ceased my husband's LTD payments which in turn made it so that his employer had no choice but to stop his health benefits and stop paying into his company pension. At this time we felt that our only option was to retain a lawyer. We hired Sean Mackintosh from Harrison Pensa. We felt comfortable with Sean and found him to be very sympathetic. We felt he explained things fully and advised us very well throughout the entire time. The result is that he is now back to receiving his LTD Benefits which in turn led his company to be able to give him back all of his health benefits and company pension retroactive to the date that it was originally stopped. We are very pleased with the outcome and our minds are now at ease which never would have happened had we not met Sean. Since our lives are no longer upside down we finally feel comfortable about making choices and decisions in our future."

Mrs. N.

March 10, 2016

"My experience with Harrison Pensa Personal Injury Group was really good. I am happy with how the case worked out. David Williams and Donna Tarr explained what to expect and how it will work. I really like David because I find that he stays true to his word and that is something that I really appreciate. Even though sometimes it is hard for me to trust people, it was easy for me to trust him because of the way that he presents himself. His honesty was more important than anything for me. Donna was very helpful. Whenever I had a question she always provided me with the answers and the help that I needed in a quick manner."
– C. Navarro.

March 10, 2016

" During the time that it took to resolve my case, David Williams and Donna Tarr remained true to their commitment to me. They always returned my phone calls and emails, kept me in the loop as the case progressed and they gave me sound advice. David’s compassion, experience and commitment to his clients is outstanding. The result of the case was extremely satisfactory and I would, without hesitation, recommend Harrison Pensa Personal Injury Group to my friends and family"
– C. Skinner.

January 8, 2016

I am a former client of Mr. Sean Mackintosh at Harrison Pensa law firm. I highly recommend Mr. Mackintosh and his diligent team. They are attentive , compassionate , organized, informative and highly competent. Mr. Mackintosh was very skilled and meticulous in his approach to my complex case. His attention to detail was very evident. The outcome reflected this attention and was more than satisfactory. I would have no hesitation in endorsing his expertise and skill to anyone needing legal counsel.
– Pam M.

December 8, 2015

" My wife was involved in a very serious motor vehicle collision several years ago, and luckily she survived, but unfortunately she suffered some injuries. Some injuries were superficial and some more serious. Her serious injuries are cognitive and largely misunderstood by people around us and the insurance companies.
At Harrison Pensa, Mr. Sean Mackintosh, understood the issues, had all documentation required through certain medical specialists, presented and fought for the necessary compensation in order for us to treat and maintain my wife’s issues the best that we possibly can.
Being a misunderstood type of injury, we did not believe that we would receive proper compensation and were challenged on every issue by the insurers. Sean surpassed our expectations with the settlement and treated us from the very beginning, with compassion, and respect.
Life takes unexpected turns, and without the people at Harrison Pensa, I have no way of knowing where we would be today. I would like to thank Sean and his entire team, for their support and hard work."
–Larry C.

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"Andy Rady is an excellent lawyer who is also a talented, caring, compassionate person. He listens carefully and treats clients with respect."
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October 16, 2019

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