Trip Hazards FAQ

I was injured when I tripped on a broken sidewalk. Can I get compensated for my injury?

Owners of property and businesses, and even those who occupy rented properties, can be responsible for making sure their property is well maintained and free of hazards.

Can I get compensation for my claim even if my fall took place on public property?

Yes. Those who trip and injure themselves either on private or public property can file a personal injury claim. Suits filed for trips that take place on property belonging to a city can become complex as cities generally have laws regulating the proper maintenance of public areas. If the trip and fall occurred on a municipal sidewalk, you are required to provide 10 days notice in writing to the municipality where the incident occurred.

What are some things I should do if I’ve been injured by tripping?

After seeking medical care for any injuries you may have sustained when you tripped, you should take a picture of the place where you tripped. Write down the date and time of day of your fall.

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